Risk – Safety, Health, Environmental And Quality Consultants


Safety made simpler

How secure is your operation? Are you fully compliant within the law when it comes to the health and safety of your staff? With KBC Risk Solutions on site and on board we provide the quality compliance assistance you need to ensure peace of mind and protection for your business.

Make legislative compliance your competitive edge, not just a box to tick.

Many businesses have found themselves crippled by noncompliance cases or irreparably damaged by avoidable tragedies on site. Eliminate this risk by making the most of our specialist solutions. We provide unique, innovative, and affordable systems and support which helps you focus on growing your business while we handle the rest.

It is simple
1. We manage your legal compliance liabilities
2. We oversee your opportunities and risks
3. We protect you from legal noncompliance
4. We protect your employees from injury

By using our in-house world class systems and solutions, we implement international best practice safety standards (ISO 45000) across the board. It is our business to understand the legislation and to ensure that we can advise businesses on how best to safeguard their employees. We also conduct a legal gap analysis on all clients in order to determine a company’s SHEQ legislation compliance and then work to enhance it.

Our in-house advantages

Continuous staff upskilling
and training (online and
face to face)

Registered SHEQ
professionals on hand

In-house software
development team


Outsourcing your OHS management saves your business money, helps you meet all your SHEQ requirements, and keeps you fully compliant. Our Virtual Safety Officer (VSO) is this solution.


Give your operation a competitive edge unlike any other. Our dedicated team assists with your organisation’s transition into becoming an ISO accredited business across ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Becoming ISO compliant helps you prevent reoccurring problems, improves employee performance, lowers insurance premiums, and ultimately increases profits and productivity. Our ISO services also offer accredited and non-accredited training courses which effectively cover your legal compliance training needs.

We develop the systems, implement, and manage all third-party certifications against ISO through the relevant parties, taking the following steps:

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