Outsourced Onboarding

KBC offers a fully outsourced Onboarding model to assist organisations in managing their contractor volumes and ensuring all individuals are inducted correctly in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

This outsourced model looks to offer clients a contractor management solution based onsite or offsite. KBC will setup up the Onboarding Centre, including Administrators, Facilitators and all the necessary add-ons to ensure a streamlined Onboarding solution.  

KBC’s Instructional Design and Innovation Department will design a tailor-made induction programme, facilitated, or conducted via computer-based training all in one location.

Benefits of outsourcing your Contractor Onboarding are:

  • Outsourced, managed contractor Hub solution
  • Contractor safety compliance desktop audits
  • Online safety system with real-time reporting
  • Onsite facilitator-led training
  • Computer-based training rooms (Optional)
  • Vetted and qualified facilitators
  • Regional General Manager oversight
  • Attendance and feedback at safety meetings

Value Add:

  • Outsourced provider accountable for quality standard
  • Reduced labour cost and management
  • Focus on core business and outsource non-core activity
  • High standard, quality training provided by specialists in the field

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