Instructional Design and Innovation

KBC’s Instructional Design and Innovation Department creates bespoke programmes aligned to your organisation’s values and standard operating procedures, with complete alignment to all relevant health and safety legislation in South Africa. We have designed, implemented, and continue to create world-class induction and safety-related programmes for a host of Blue-Chip clients.

Research has shown that individuals retain knowledge when engagement is heightened. Be it eLearning, facilitator-led or blended learning, KBC keeps up to date with the latest trends from the international market, whilst applying the learning to a uniquely South African context. We are currently incorporating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Hazard Identification 360 Degree videos, so that learners are immersed in micro-learning initiatives to further their understanding of critical concepts to which they will be exposed onsite.

See below to watch a brief confined space micro-learning programme:

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