The KBC of today, South Africa’s preeminent Onboarding solutions provider servicing blue-chip companies across the country and into SADEC, has innovatively evolved from the legal compliance auditing firm that was formed in 2000.

KBC believes in creating a NO HARM Culture for generations to come, through the creation of a single safety standard within the industry, all in the pursuit of enhancing contractor and safety management.

While KBC has become synonymous with induction training and continues to provide superior training solutions to our clientele, it repositioned itself in 2016 to become a holistic provider of Onboarding solutions in Southern Africa, through 5 Key Pillars, namely;


In doing so, KBC is positioned to integrate with organisations’ value chains to ensure a streamlined and cost-efficient Onboarding solution.

Where does our specialisation lie?

The ever-increasing importance of safety, health, environmental, and community (sustainable development) learning and compliance, allows KBC to offer our services to a wide range of clients in different countries and environments.

The ever-increasing importance of safety, health, environmental, and community (sustainable development) learning and compliance, allows KBC to offer our services to a wide range of clients in different countries and environments.

Our primary function is to be the outsourced provider for contractor management across all sectors in South Africa. With a focused footprint in Mining, KBC has and continues to assist mining houses with their contractor management and induction training requirements. Our single standard and reciprocity model has shortened the time taken to Onboard contractors while still ensuring that mining houses, both intercompany and intracompany, cover the basics of the Mine Health and Safety Act through our induction training interventions, and without jeopardising the quality of the learning and the contractors’ understanding of both the Act and safety principles.

Employers who have a real concern for employee and contractor safety at their operations can benefit from KBC’s service offering. Our focus remains primarily on Pre-Onboarding and Onboarding processes for 3rd Party Specialists (Service Providers/Contractors) who are required to build/expand/maintain infrastructure installations.

Our Learner Management Service (LMS) ensures that appropriately selected, engaged, healthy, and competent employees are fully pre-qualified to access the site. Clients can select from a range of specialist services in the LMS process.

Our undertaking is to be the client’s business partner and not serve as an appointed Service Provider only. We offer a seamless service to the client and associated contractor community with an emphasis on innovation, quality, cost- and time efficiencies.

KBC believes that, due to our modularised business model, we can tailor-make solutions to suit all industries within South Africa. We integrate into your existing operational processes and enhance all areas of health and safety irrespective of whether you are aligned to the Mining Health and Safety Act or the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Primary sectors currently being serviced are Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Staffing, Agriculture, and Heavy Industry.

We specialise mainly in the Mining, Construction, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing sectors. Our primary focus is on managing contractor risks and providing systems to track compliance on site.

Managing contractors – a global problem

Historically, the management of contractors accessing operations has been a tedious and a difficult process to manage in line with legislation. This need not be the case. KBC provides simple solutions to make contractors business partners and support your SHE outcomes. Our SHE training and Passport 360 are designed to alleviate the difficulties of managing and tracking training and compliance.


KBC’s ‘One Stop Shop’ blends technology and innovative Onboarding solutions to remove bottlenecking within the Onboarding process. Our SHE services and Passport 360 have been designed to alleviate the difficulties of managing and tracking all your employee and contractor compliance.

We provide specialised, first-class training, consultation, and a broad product range driven by cutting-edge technology. Your Safety – Your Health.

Our contribution to you, our client, is to support your strategic Sustainable Development and Safety, Health, and Environmental imperatives by providing consultancy and training interventions.

Making a difference

Our training methodology reaches all learners in our classrooms. Our facilitators are fluent in numerous languages – making SHE concepts understandable regardless of education levels.

We train more than 120 000 people per year, across a wide variety of sectors. We do not plan on stopping there – we are constantly branching out to ensure that we reach even more people and organisations with our world-class SHE programmes.

So, it is safe (if you’ll pardon the pun) to say that we will continue to make a difference. We find this incredibly rewarding. As industry-leading experts, we are confident that KBC is unquestionably making a difference to the South African Safety, Health, and Environment. Complacency is not a word in the KBC dictionary and that ensures we will continue to pursue excellence and maintain our high standard. If you want to make a difference within your sector, KBC is your logical Onboarding and Safety solutions provider.

In 2017, KBC was acquired by Workforce Holdings Limited. Workforce Holdings and its group of companies is a leading, trusted provider of employment, training, healthcare, wellness, financial services, and lifestyle benefits to individuals and their employers.

Established in 1972, Workforce Holdings is listed on the AltX board of the JSE, employing over 1340 permanent staff, and paying approximately 34 240 assignees. Since joining the Workforce Holdings family, KBC has rapidly accelerated its drive to remain South Africa’s leading Onboarding and Contractor Management Solutions, provider.

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