Reciprocity is defined as: the recognition of one of two institutions of the validity of licences granted by the other.

Mining houses would need a single standard across the board that will allow for reciprocity between divisions and sites.

Contractor Passport™ was designed to manage a system of reciprocity that allows the acceptance of one basic safety training programme as a benchmark within the industry. The basic safety training programme for operators and supervisors was designed to provide such benchmark.


Course Overview

This training intervention introduces learners to health and safety legislation and why it is important to comply.

The module focuses on the general aspects around both health and safety hazards that apply to most workplaces.

Upon completion learners are more alert in identifying hazards in their workplace and implementing suitable control measures.


Course Overview

This training intervention focuses on the need for systematic implementation of safety procedures in the workplace, and to give learners a view of what can happen when safety is not adequately implemented in the workplace. The module also focuses on the aspects of Permit to Work Systems, Risk Assessments and Emergency Preparedness planning, as well as the procedures for reporting incidents and injuries.