The cold chills are becoming more and more evident, as the temperature drops many less fortunate would be left out in the cold. KBC Mokopane embarked on a KBC Cares initiative to provide warmth to the Mahwelereng centre of hope. Thanks to KBC Mokopane as well as the contractors working at Mogalakwena a number of blankets were collected. The employees at KBC Mokopane visited the Mahwelereng centre of hope to hand out these blankets. The Mahwelereng centre of hope touched the hearts of the KBC employees that visited the centre as they discovered the large number of children that are abandoned by their parents.  Our heart goes out to Mamsie who is in charge of the centre, she is selfless by nature and ever willing to take in each and every child who does not have a home and give them the love, care and education that they need.

We should be grateful for everything we have coz some have nothing. The KBC Cares initiative has brought some warmth to the centre.